Heated Therapy Mittens (Purple)

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  • Heating Therapy and Pain Relief- Your hands are your greatest tool and help you to work, play, and communicate. Hand pain and ailments can be cumbersome and frustrating. Treat your hands to cozy warm mitts that provide sensational heated hand therapy to treat your hand pain.
  • Hand Heating Pads for Arthritis- LEONN's Heat Mittens for Hands come equipped with two removable gel hand heating pads per glove. The gel heating pads should be removed when washing the glove and can be hand washed separately.
  • Circulation- Heat therapy helps increase blood flow and circulation to your hands. Increased circulation delivers nutrients to the joints and muscles to provide a reduction in pain and stiffness. Heated mitts are a fantastic way for you to feel increased mobility and use in your hands. These mitts are one size fits most and are great for Men and Women of all ages.
  • Warranty: Go with a brand you can trust! Leonns offers a one year manufacturer's warranty.