Reusable Perineal Ice Pack with Washable Sleeve

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  • Comfort - LEONNS Gel Bead Perineal Ice Packs remain flexible and soft even when frozen to provide the most comfortable relief. The ice pack conveniently contours to the shape of your perineal area in order to provide a discreet and comfortable experience. Each ice pack comes with a soft terry cloth washable sleeve that is soft and soothing on the skin.
  • Relief - Perineal irritation and discomfort is normal after giving birth. Thankfully LEONNS Peri Ice Packs are here to help by providing instant relief to the affected area. For cooling relief, keep the lifesaver gel pack in the freezer for at least two hours. For heating relief, microwave for 20 seconds if more heat is desired, reheat at 5 seconds intervals.
  • Application - Test the temperature of the pack to make sure it is desired. Place the pack in the terry cloth sleeve and apply to the perineal region for relief in 20 minutes intervals. Provides relief for burning, itching, swelling, hemorrhoids, or nerve pain.
  • Included - Life saver gel packs (3), Washable sleeve (3), Satin Carrying Pouch (1). With 3 packs you can always have one frozen, one ready for heating and one providing desired relief. Conveniently have the relief you need when you need it.