Ice Therapy Machine with Universal Pad and Reusable Ice packs

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  • REDUCE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT: Recovering from surgery? Aches? Pains? LEONNS Ice Therapy Machine was designed to help you. Cold therapy helps reduce swelling, pain and edema. When recovering from an injury or surgery you need to rest and let LEONNS cyrotherapy ice machine do the work. The cold therapy system continuously pumps cold water at a regulated temperature to a soft pad providing effortless relief to the affected area.
  • EASY TO USE SETTINGS: The machine has a built in timer so you can set your session for up to 30 minutes at a time. LEONNS cryotherapy machine allows you to choose from 5 different flow rate settings to best suit your needs. In order to ensure that you are getting the proper treatment the ice therapy machine also monitors the temperature of the water. To properly set settings please refer to the included manual.
  • INCLUDED: (1) Ice Therapy Machine with Digital Controls (1) Universal Therapy Pad (6) Reusable Ice Cubes (1) 5 ft insulation tube (1) 5.8 ft AC Power Adapter (3) Adjustable Pad Securing Straps ( 1- 45", 1- 27", 1-15")
  • UNIVERSAL PAD: The universal pad is designed to provide blissful relief to any affected area. The pad comfortably provides relief to the knee, lower back, shoulder, hip, arm, leg, and elbow. Unlike the ice machines of the past, LEONNS ice machine is quiet and will not disrupt television, conversation, or rest.
  • WARRANTY: Go with a brand you can trust! Leonns offers a one year manufacturer's warranty.