Ice Therapy Slippers (Black)

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  • Ice Therapy - LEONNS Cold Therapy Slippers provide ice therapy to your entire foot, including your toes, arch, and heel. No bucket or ice required! After freezing the slippers for 90+ minutes, remove from the freezer, slip on and relax as the cooling slippers provide soothing relief.
  • Comfortable and Soft - The slippers remain soft and malleable even when frozen. By applying a slight bit of pressure the cooling gel with contour to your foot so that your entire foot receives the relief and cooling it needs.
  • Uses - Great for the following symptoms and ailments: Hot feet, Swollen feet, Arthritis, Plantar Facititis, Gout, Heel Spurs, Plantar Neuropathy Pain, Bursitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Poor Circulation
  • Sizing - One Size fits most please see dimensions image for more details.